About Twisted Branch

Welcome to Twisted Branch, a new brewery in Aurora, Ontario. Our head brewer parlays a love for the history of brewing into modern beers that leave you thinking long after the last sip. We go back to the archives to understand why a beer style was created in the first place, then imagine the opportunity to create it today. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Our Beer

Our first beer is Somerset, a British Golden Ale. Smooth and balanced, your first sip immediately presents biscuits before making way for the honeydew melon and dried strawberries you noticed in the aroma.

Haven’t had a chance to try it yet? It’s coming soon to a store and restaurant near you.

Our Brewer

Rick Tanton is an overplanner. So much so that after being introduced to homebrewing in 2010, he spent almost two years reading and researching before producing his first batch. What would follow would be a flurry of homebrews built alongside a library of brewing history books. Now a partner and the head brewer with Twisted Branch, Rick likes to call himself a Brewing Anthropologist as he dives into the origins of styles – and a now legendary library of botanicals – to create beers unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.


We’re currently brewing our Somerset Golden Ale on contract through local friends and brewers, and if you’d like to carry it in your store, restaurant, or pub we’d love to hear from you. Contact Rick at rick@twistedbranch.ca or 416.885.6592.