Making Peace?

Let’s get right down to it: Yes, Twisted Branch is the artist formerly known as Peacemaker Beer. Why the name change?

Peacemaker was the name of Rick’s home-based brewery since his first batch appeared in February 2012. Many of you were fans of the homebrew on Facebook and Instagram, or through our original website, and we’d started to build a bit of a name. When the time came in late 2015 to look at going pro we actually registered the business, incorporated, and began the actual process of building a business. That’s when a brand-new startup out of¬†Canandaigua, New York contacted us to indicate they’d trademarked the name in the USA, and that we were welcome to hold our name in Canada, but would be unable to sell Stateside.

What followed were a few months of discussions, analysis, and inevitably, the decision by us that we’d seek out something new. We’re big fans of the American breweries that paved the way for us, and even hold dreams of one day brewing with many of them. Heck, maybe one day we’ll even be distributed there. So we embarked on the painful process of finding a name four partners can love as much as the name they held for five years prior.

When someone asks what we do different here, our answer is always that we go back to the start. Why did someone feel compelled to invent a beer style in the first place? What factors were in play? Then we take that inspiring concept and create something new for the modern day. Something that, because it’s built on history and need, stands out. When one of the partners suggested Twisted Branch it immediately resonated – a twisted branch of the family tree of every beer style we’ve redesigned.

This time we’ve taken no chances – we’re registered, trademarked (both sides of the border), and ready to go. We know many of you miss the old name. We miss the old name too. But we love the new one, and what it stands for. We love the chance that with one glance you know who we are and why we’re here. And we truly hope every time you see our glass, can, or tap handle you’ll know you’re drinking something with thought, emotion, and heart. Something built for a¬†reason. Like a Twisted Branch of the beer’s family tree.


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